It’s December, which means you’re going to hear a ton of holiday music either by choice or against your will. Since you’re already here, it’s means you’re demonstrating an act of free will and are totally down to hear what AI version of James Hetfield singing “All I Want for Christmas Is You” sounds like.

It’s either going to be the best or worst thing you’ve ever heard — you’ve been fairly warned.

It’s the “built Ford tough” vocal style that the Metallica frontman possesses which makes all these AI covers using his voice so amusing so consistently. And laughter is good for us all, even if it’s in the name of cheap amusement.

However, that could change with Papa Het’s likeness tackling one of the most (in)famous holiday songs ever, thanks to it being overplayed on radio stations and in retail locations everywhere. Yes, we’re talking about pop superstar Mariah Carey and that dastardly Christmas covers album from 1994. Much like Metallica’s ‘Black Album,’ this one doesn’t have any quit either. Decades later, it is still immeasurably popular.

Take a listen — if you dare — below. There’s a reward if you keep scrolling too. We’re not here to be a complete Scrooge!

AI James Hetfield, “All I Want for Christmas Is You”

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And now, as your reward for going along with us and inflicting that sort of punishment on yourself, here’s that same holiday classic with AI giving us a glimpse at what it may have sounded like with the gilded voice of Queen‘s Freddie Mercury.

AI Freddie Mercury, “All I Want for Christmas”

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