Almost exactly a year ago, Stevie Knipe’s DIY indie-pop project Adult Mom released Driver, their first album for Epitaph Records. Today, Adult Mom have followed that album with a new song that appears to be a one-off single. The band has just released a new song called “91.”

Adult Mom recorded “91” with producer Kyle Pulley, the Thin Lips member and Hop Along/Shamir collaborator who also produced Driver. It’s a strummy, homespun rocker about throwing all your shit into your car and leaving a bad situation where everyone is getting hurt. In a press release, Knipe says:

“91” was one of the first songs I intentionally wrote for Driver. It’s a song that details escape in the most literal sense. The feeling of getting into the car, speeding down the highway at 2:00 am, and feeling the weight of what you’re leaving behind lifted. To me, it’s one of our most cathartic songs, and I’m glad to finally have it out in the world.

Check it out below.

“91” is out now on Epitaph.