Echoing the rhythms of resilience and dreams – Adonay Encarnacion, known mononymously as Adonay, is set to enchant the music world with her upcoming release, “Dream On…Endlessness.” The American-Puerto Rican/French artist, born in the Bronx is currently based in Toronto, Canada.

Adonay’s journey in the arts began with the delicate steps of a ballet dancer at the tender age of four. This early introduction to the performing arts paved the way for a multifaceted career. After graduating from Homestead Sr High, she honed her talents at the New World School of the Arts, where she excelled in ballet, modern dance, jazz, music composition, and theater. Her vocal prowess was nurtured under the guidance of Gil Magno, and her dance skills were further refined at the Miami Conservatory of Ballet

The year 1998 marked a significant milestone in Adonay’s career with the release of “Buffalo Gals Stampede Remix,” a collaboration with Malcolm McLaren featuring Rakim. In 2020, she dropped the EP series Adonay and Adonay 2.0, which was produced in collaboration with Chris Anthony and Roberto Morales. 

Now, in 2023, Adonay is ready to revolutionize the scene with “Dream On…Endlessness.” This 2:41-long track, a blend of her soulful lyrics and vocals with Chris Anthony’s masterful production and engineering, carries an enduring message of resilience and inspiration, urging listeners to follow their dreams relentlessly. The song will be accompanied by an AI-crafted lyrics video and visuals set to release three weeks later, poised to capture hearts and inspire minds globally. 

“Dream On…Endlessness” promises to serve as a reminder of Adonay‘s unique voice, one that resonates with the power of dreams and the spirit of endlessness. Her commitment to the arts extends beyond music. The artist’s involvement in organizing charity fundraisers for children and her aspirations to venture into soundtracks and musicals highlight her multifaceted talent and dedication to making a positive impact.