Adele is certainly not coy about her Beyhive status. The “Easy On Me” hitmaker has publically declared her Beyoncé fandom on various occasions and even shared her Album Of The Year Grammy Award with her at the 2016 ceremony. Taking inspiration from the Queen Bey and her current Renaissance World Tour, Adele decided to hit her audience at her Vegas Weekends With Adele residency with an “everybody on mute” challenge on mute.

For context, when Beyoncé has performed her song “Energy” during her Renaissance World Tour, she’s been challenging the audience to get quiet for a brief amount of time, after she recites the lyric, “look around, everybody on mute.”

Last night (August 25), Adele attempted to see how this challenge would pan out among her fans. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem the audience caught on.

In a clip, Adele is seen instructing the audience, “everybody on mute,” though the audience remained in talkative bouts.

“You f*cking failed miserably,” said Adele. “When I sing ‘everybody on mute,’ you have to be f*cking quiet.”

She then alluded to a fan video taken from a Beyoncé concert, where someone in the audience didn’t go mute, “and everyone was like ‘wah!’”

All-in-all, Adele and fans had a good laugh about the ordeal.

You can see a clip above.

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