In her music, Adele’s willing to set fire to the rain. But at her live shows, she’s prepared to go full scorched-earth.

Yesterday (June 1), the “Water Under The Bridge” singer showed off her fiery side during her latest Weekends with Adele residency performance. While chatting with the Las Vegas crowd, a concertgoer supposedly yelled out: “Pride Month sucks.”

After processing what was said, Adele turned to the individual to slam them for their seemingly anti-LGBTQ remarks. “Did you come to my f*cking show and just say that Pride sucks,” she said. “Are you f*cking stupid? Don’t be so f*cking ridiculous. If you have nothing nice to say, shut up, alright?”

Before Adele transitioned back into the show, other attendees chimed in. In the now viral clip, one individual can be heard saying, “We should jump them.”

Now, users online had begun to share their thoughts around the incident.

“To have ADELE of all people go off on you means you REALLY said something wrong,” wrote one user. “To be homophobic during Pride Month too is ridiculous. In the year of 2024 too. Smh.”

“I love Adele for this,” penned another. “Why do people love to say cruel things like this? It’s so uncalled for and disgusting.”

Adele hasn’t commented further on the exchange.

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