On Saturday, October 28, the public was gutted to learn that Friends actor Matthew Perry died at the age of 54. Former co-stars and fans of Perry flooded social media to share touching tributes. During her latest performance, Adele did so, too, honoring him with a heartfelt speech in front of her sold-out Weekends With Adele Las Vegas residency crowd.

Adele applauded Perry for being open about his addiction issues. She also said her love for Perry’s work dates back to her pre-teen years, calling his beloved character “probably the best comedic character of all time.”

Read Adele’s full speech below.

It’s always quite shocking when, especially, someone that made you laugh, who brought so much joy to your life that you don’t know. This is what I find so strange. I’ve never met [Matthew Perry] in my life. It’s happened with a few other comedians and stuff like that. But there’s something so… that you feel so sad about it. Especially because you don’t necessarily know what was going on. Some of my favorite memories of when I was younger with my friends and one of my friends, Andrew, when I was like 12, did the best Chandler impression. And he would do it all the time to make up laugh. And if any of us were having a bad day or feeling low, he would just pretend to be Chandler. And I remember that character for the rest of my life. I remember visiting New York for the first time, and I’d go on a ‘Friends’ tour. It’s been a really big part of my life. [Matthew] was so open with his struggles with addiction and sobriety, which I think is incredibly brave. I just wanna say how much I love what did he for us. Especially what he did for me. Probably the best comedic character of all time, now, he can rest in peace.

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