Original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley has claimed that his new solo album will make frontman Paul Stanley “look like an imbecile”.

Drama between Frehley and his former bandmate started earlier this year, after the KISS singer explained why the band didn’t perform when they were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame back in 2014.

Among reasons was the “demanding” nature of the Rock Hall, which wanted KISS to take to the stage with its original members – Frehley and Peter Criss – which Stanley said would be “demeaning” to the band, adding: “‘Cause if you saw people onstage who looked like KISS but sounded like that, maybe we should be called PISS.”


Frehley subsequently threatened to release “dirt” on KISS if Stanley didn’t apologise, later sharing that he didn’t apologise, but called to say “fuck you”.

From left, Bass guitarist Gene Simmons, guitarist Ace Frehley and guitarist Paul Stanley of American rock group Kiss perform live on stage at the Monsters of Rock festival at Castle Donington in England on 17th August 1996 (CREDIT: Brian Rasic/Getty Images)

In a new interview, Frehley has now offered an update on his latest album, while also launching a fresh retaliation against Frehley.

“I think it may be the best album I’ve ever done to date,” he said during an interview with Indiana rock radio station 93.5 FM MAX (via Blabbermouth).

Asked if he every imagined his his solo career would have this kind of longevity, he said: “It was hard in the beginning, but now I’ve picked up a lot of steam. In fact, I remember when I first signed with eOne Music — now they sold the record company to MNRK Music Group, and I’m still working with the same people — but I remember the guy that got me signed to the label, he told me that, before [2009’s] ‘Anomaly’ came out, he said a lot of people said to him, ‘You’re not even gonna get the record.’

“Because Paul and Gene [Simmons] have pretty much tried to destroy my credibility by calling me a drunk and a drug addict and somebody who’s not dependable. But if that were the case, how did I make five albums? And I’ve been touring steadily for the last 10 years plus. It doesn’t make any sense.

Gene Simmons, Peter Criss, Ace Frehley and Paul Stanley
Gene Simmons, Peter Criss, Ace Frehley and Paul Stanley attend the 29th Annual Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony at Barclays Center of Brooklyn on April 10, 2014 in New York City (CREDIT: Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

The artist claimed that Stanley and Simmons “contradict themselves all the time”, adding: “Now they’re putting me down and saying if I came up and played with them on the farewell tour, it would mar their performance. Paul said on The Howard Stern Show, you might as well call the band PISS instead of KISS if I got up on stage with them. Well, when this album comes about, it’s gonna make him look like an imbecile.”

KISS’ current line-up consists of Stanley, Simmons, guitarist Tommy Thayer, and drummer Eric Singer. Frehley played with the group from its inception in 1973 until his departure in 1982 and embarked on a solo career. He also rejoined KISS in 1996 for their reunion tour.

Elsewhere in his radio interview, artist said his album is nearly done, adding: “I think it may be the best album I’ve ever done to date.”