50 Cent has shown his support for Kesha, who changed the lyrics to her debut single ‘TiK ToK’ to insult Diddy while performing at Coachella this weekend.

Reneé Rapp brought out the Kesha last Sunday during her set at the California festival to sing her 2009 Number One song, which has the memorable opening line: “Woke up in the morning feeling like P Diddy.” While on stage, Kesha changed the lyrics to instead sing, “Wake up in the morning like fuck P Diddy”.

50 Cent – who has been vocal about his views on Diddy’s current legal troubles – found Kesha’s lyric change funny – telling his Twitter followers: “LOL! She said, [middle finger emoji] ‘Fuck P. Diddy’. HAHAAHAHA! [side eye emoji] PUFFY LIKE, ’50 TOLD HER TO SAY THAT!’”


Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs has been hit with several allegations since November 2023, when his ex-girlfriend Casandra ‘Cassie’ Ventura filed a lawsuit against him for sexual and physical abuse. The case was later settled out of court.

A week later, two new allegations by two different women also came out with one claiming that Combs drugged and sexually assaulted her and the other alleging that Combs and singer-songwriter Aaron Hall took turns raping the plaintiff and her friend in 1990 or 1991 – with Diddy allegedly turning violent days later.

In the same month Cassie accused Diddy of rape and physical assault, Kesha changed the lyrics to ‘TiK ToK’ for the first time. At the Los Angeles stop of her ‘Only Love’ tour, she sang, “Wake up in the morning feeling just like me.”


Kesha also filed a lawsuit against her former boss Dr Luke, claiming he had sexually assaulted and emotionally abused her. He denied the allegations and countersued the artist, claiming she had breached the recording contract they had with one another and made up rape allegations in an attempt to get out of the deal. Last June, the pair reached a settlement in their defamation lawsuit just one month before the case was due to go to trial.

However, Kesha maintained her original claims and is now released from Dr Luke’s Kemosabe record label.

Elsewhere, producer Rodney ‘Lil Rod’ Jones sued Combs in February for sexually assaulting him, having parties where sex workers and underage girls were present, and coercing him to sleep with prostitutes. Diddy replied, saying Jones’ claims were “pure fiction”.


Additionally, Diddy’s homes in Los Angeles and Miami were raided by US Homeland Security as a part of a sex trafficking investigation last month. An expert on the matter shared that the agency is looking into allegations that Combs had been drugging young women in multiple states. Combs denies any wrongdoing.

In other news, Kesha said that she is working on new music “ferociously” and has teased her next musical era in snippets she posted on social media.

Meanwhile, 50 Cent has confirmed he will be releasing a docuseries on Diddy’s sexual assault allegations called Diddy Do It? There is no release date for the project yet.

For help, advice or more information regarding sexual harassment, assault and rape in the UK, visit the Rape Crisis charity website. In the US, visit RAINN.