That headline might look like a random jumble of words, but it’s really just one more sign that pop songs can live long, strange lives these days. In 1998, Madonna introduced her Ray Of Light album with the single “Frozen,” a dramatic and gothed-out downtempo ballad. The song was a #2 pop hit, and it’s quietly one of Madonna’s best songs. Late last year, “Frozen” started recirculating in a new form. Sickick, a producer from Canada, remixed “Frozen,” giving it a minimal and space-out trap makeover. That remix, which effectively updates the vibe of the original without losing too much of its sweeping majesty, became a viral TikTok hit. Madonna, whose last few albums haven’t exactly generated a lot of hits, has embraced that remix, and now we’ve got a few different versions of it.

A few weeks ago, Madonna put out a new version of Sickick’s “Frozen” remix, and it featured vocals from the Nigerian Afrobeats star Fireboy DML. Madonna and Fireboy DML made a video for that version, and it’s racked up a few million views already. Today, we get another new remix of the remix, and this one pairs Madonna up with 070 Shake, the magnetic New Jersey sing-rapper who blew up a few years ago with a verse on Kanye West’s “Ghost Town.”

070 Shake sounds cool as hell on the new version of the “Frozen” remix, chanting hoarsely over Madonna’s quavering coo and Sickick’s deep bass rumbles. It sounds like a complete song, even if it’s probably better understood as a record label wringing every possible drop of interest in a song that’s now 24 years old. Madonna and 070 Shake have made another video for this particular version of the track, and directors Ryan Drake and Ricardo Gomes have put them in a car chase that’s supposed to be a video game? Whatever. Song is cool. Check it out below, along with Madonna’s original “Frozen” clip.

That new “Frozen” remix with 070 Shake is out now on Warner. In a press release, Madonna says, “070 Shake is indescribably mysterious and alluring. There are very few women in the trap music world that aren’t pandering to men. Her lyrics are deep and unique — there is no one like her. I’m excited for the world to discover her!”