YoungBoy Never Broke Again is a new dad once again…and again.

On Thursday (June 18), two exes of the 20-year-old rapper took to social media to announce the arrival of their respective lil’ YoungBoys. While one woman was direct and announced their child’s birth date and initials, the other merely alluded to giving birth.

“KAMG, 6/16/2020, 12:43,” his ex Kay wrote. “The whole world stopped for you.”

About an hour later, his other expecting ex Nisha tweeted simply, “Thanks everybody.”

This makes six children for the AI YoungBoy 2 artist, who previously welcomed his most recent child Kacey in 2019.

Just before the news of his kids’ births, the Baton Rouge native was targeted in a robbery by at least three men. Luckily the would-be thieves didn’t end up getting much – which YoungBoy taunted them over on his Instagram Live.

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“I hate little boys, bruh,” he growled. “I ain’t even have shit in my cars. I probably had like $20 in them little things, each one of them. Then you gon’ call that you breaking into something? You gotta be smarter than that man. You can’t be stupid like that, doing no broke ass shit like that. Then the stupid little muthafucka threw a brick and ain’t even hit the fucking car. Nigga had me thinking it was one of my stupid ass baby mamas.”

The men reportedly tried to charge the rapper a $30,000 ransom, but he didn’t appear to accept the offer.