As a hip-hop fan, I can say that in all my years following the culture, I’ve never heard anyone in the industry meeting each other on a dating website, let alone one for Christians. Well, if you’ve been following YBN Almighty Jay and Blac Chyna’s relationship, you’re well aware that the two met on Christian Mingle — or so the 18-year-old rapper claims.

“I was searching on Christian Mingle and sh*t, and I seen her prile pop up and I’m like, ‘This b*tch is fire,’” he said in an interview.

They haven’t been the most conventional couple, Jay being 18, Chyna, 30, but that never stopped the two from pressing their love to each other. They’ve have been going strong since they revealed their relationship in March. But now, it looks like the Texas-born rapper has given the mother–two the boot.

Free Man

During a Zoey Dollaz Instagram Live stream, YBN Almighty Jay, spotted in the comments, began giving updates on his relationship status. “I cut her f bro,” he wrote in the chat. “I’m a free man.”

He didn’t get specific with names, but it took no time for fans to put two and two together. And why shouldn’t they? Though the two have been joined at the hip since March, Jay’s behavior has been very suspicious, which makes it believable that their relationship could’ve been on the rocks.

IG Crushin’

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During their relationship, Almighty Jay was no stranger to showing love to other ladies. For some time, rapper Asian Doll has been leaking images, insinuating the “Chopsticks” rapper was pursuing her. Just last month, Asian Doll leaked a photo Jay on FaceTime with her. Another image was a screenshot Jay in Doll’s DMs, flirting with her.

The funny part about this is that Jay was caught right on the heels posting a random, online marriage proposal to Chyna. “Will You Marry Me?” he posted under a photo Chyna posing at a gas station. Some fans gushed over the “proposal,” while those who follow him closely weren’t amused, pointing out his questionable social media activity.

Attempting to shut down the gossip for good, Jay posted to Instagram, “Been seeing some confusing s**t lately. Don’t fw @AsianDoll I date @BlacChyna.” Though the posts have since been deleted, they were up long enough to circulate the internet.

As if being called out for allegedly flirting with Asian Doll wasn’t enough, Jay showed major love to model India Love. But this time, instead leaked pictures, he actually reposted her photo on his Instagram page.

On a now deleted Instagram post, Jay posted this photo India with a heart eye emoji as the caption. His crew member, YBN Glizzy, commented, “Tell her stop playing bro,” and Jay, with no hesitation, replied, “Facts.”

Not sure if Jay caught heat for posting the photo because fans blinked twice and it was taken down, but not before The Shaderoom got a hold it and posed it on their page. Jay, you’ve gotta be quicker than that.

No Word from Chyna

YBN Almighty Jay Just “Dumped” Blac Chyna


So far, there’s been no word from Chyna on the couple’s alleged split, nor had Jay man’d up to spill the tea. While we don’t know what this means for the couple, we do know Jay was very serious about Chyna. Recently, there were claims Chyna being pregnant with her third child, Jay’s first. But TMZ reported that she’s “definitely not pregnant.”

However, the outlet also mentioned that Chyna does want more kids in the future. According to sources, she’s very much in love with her young bae, so he’s at the top her list to be baby daddy No. 3.

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