As the Wu-Tang Clan prepares to celebrate the 25th anniversary their seminal debut album Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) in November, the legendary group are planning to release their sixth album this year as well.

In an interview with Billboard, group members have confirmed that a new Wu album is in the works with Ghostface Killah supervising the entire recording process.

"He's putting that together as we speak," said Masta Killa. "There will be another Wu-Tang Clan album. We're working on that right now, and hopefully it's ready right with the 25th anniversary."

Inspectah Deck also confirms that Ghostface is "at the wheel" with Wu-Tang impresario RZA "supervising it."

"Ghost has taken it upon himself to say, 'I want to get the beats, I want to hear some things that's happening here,' so we're trusting him the same we trusted RZA in the beginning," he adds. "Why not, man? Ghost has been successful in his solo endeavors. It's a change pace. Hopefully we get another banger, another Wu classic out this project as well, in the 25th anniversary."

In addition to working on a new album for the 25th anniversary, Loud Records is working on remaking Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) with nine new rappers from today.

"We're gonna do a few things. We're gonna remake the album with nine MCs from today and each new MC will play a character in the original 36 Chambers," explained Loud Records founder Steve Rifkind.

There's no word on which nine new rappers will appear on the remake. Additionally, Wu-Tang will celebrate the 25th anniversary Enter the Wu-Tang at this year's A3C Festival in Atlanta.

In the meantime, Deck is excited about the new album and promises to deliver a quality product for the fans.

"It's been awhile since we've done the whole album], since the early 2000s, maybe," he says. "It's 25 years, man, and we stood the test time and we're still proving ourselves — and people still appreciate you like that, which is dope. So it's gonna be fun."