Just days after the Chance the Rapper and Dwayne Wade-produced Chicago basketball documentary titled Shot in the Dark was announced, the first clips from the flick have surfaced.

The trailer for the upcoming documentary about Chicago's Orr basketball academy was released today (Feb. 13) and gives an inside look at the rigorous, in-your-face training regimen coach Lou Adams dishes out to the young team in order to keep them focused and away from the swap that is violence in Chicago.

Directed by Dustin Nakao Haider, the clip gives a quick overview into the basketball program, head coach Adams, and one the team's' star players, Tyquone Greer. The nearly two-minute visual ends with Greer getting shot in the leg after scoring a game-winning three in a game — indicative the successes and tragedies the boys face every day in their violence-ridden community.

“40 boys on my team don't have fathers. 40 guys that depend on me everyday,” Adam says his team. Greer also explains in the trailer that he knows his only way out would be to go to college.

The documentary will appear on FOX as part the “Magnify” docu-series, which takes a deeper look into the lives athletes on and f the field.

Shot in the Dark premieres Feb. 24 on FOX. Check out the trailer below