On Tuesday (May 1), Kanye West unloaded his highly-anticipated interview with Charlamagne Tha God on YouTube. The lengthy sit-down touched on an array topics, including Ye's breakdown, his relationship with JAY-Z and Beyoncè and his social media hiatus. While some Twitter users praised Ye for his candor, others held no punches against the Grammy-Award winning star. 

Check out some the reactions below. 

This Kanye interview —————————————————-

— Yanay (@yanayboayue) May 1, 2018

-Kanye:”Racism isn’t a deal breaker for me” pic.twitter.com/kMHynhQz2G

— — TAINTEDGARDEN (@TheTrueRobG_) May 1, 2018

Alright Kanye needs to calm down. His actions are screaming mental health issues.

— P Money– ♒️—- (@ThatsMy_Pye) May 1, 2018

@cthagod @kanyewest this was such a dope interview. Thanks @kanyewest for being so open——

— Blackolitics (@blackolitics) May 1, 2018

charlie mane has his clever moments. so does kanye!

— Al Shipley (@alshipley) May 1, 2018

At 32:00 ish in Kanye gets existential and it reminds me what I learned most about Puff working closer to him, observing from distance. To a person that's conquered the world (and especially over and over ala PD), what is the world to you? You've bent it to your will. Now what?

— Jayson Rodriguez (@jaysonrodriguez) May 1, 2018

I watched 90 seconds that Kanye and turned it f… after i realized i didnt care… been done with Ye

— luda (@king_spades) May 1, 2018

25min into this @cthagod & @kanyewest interview & I'm super intrigued. I've always idolized Ye, so to hear from him in this type personal way is really refreshing… Ye is one the smartest “celebrities” & the way he speaks is truly empowering! –✊–

— Stetsen ♛ (@YungStet) May 1, 2018

Kanye saying some shit in this interview boy my head spinning lmao

— dragon (@AKhatib23) May 1, 2018

I will say despite the fuckery @kanyewest has been displaying on Twitter this interview with @cthagod is pretty great too watch. Now I can understand to agree to disagree with him and move forward.

— GMS© (@BlackK_GMS) May 1, 2018

When I listen to @kanyewest , I feel like he is exposing the true thought that the reality has hidden. He is my Mentor #kanyewest

— ficialkevinbett (@kevinbett_) May 1, 2018

Kanye’s explanation to his “bigger picture” is the equivalent to a ten year olds problem solving skills.

— Jodee (@JodeeEsco) May 1, 2018

Uber Driver: Is this the right way?

Me: I’m watching this @KanyeWest and @CthaGod interview right now. You drive, I ride, thanks.

— Daniel Dudley (@DDisBORED) May 1, 2018

@kanyewest I may not agree with you completely, but you've inspired me, since youth and still today, to always be me in the midst anything–thankyou–

— Trent Leggs Jr (@shotsbytre) May 1, 2018

kanye (about trump): racism isn't the issue for me, in that case I wouldn't live in america


— Adrián Montañés (@Cucumberino) May 1, 2018

Kanye wore the #maga hat for equality and the mere presence the hat is to reinforce the separatism that the mayonnaise want..I need Thanos to snap this nigga to dust

— Robert Reynolds (@_Beezo__) May 1, 2018