Driven by an infectious, f the wall rhythm, and his jittery delivery, “Symphony,” the latest single from Chicago native Towkio is the definition rambunctious.

It’s charisma galore as Towkio spits his best game in a string metaphors about Adam and Eve, connection and energy. The wordplay extends to Teddy Jackson's buttery hook: “Would you live for me? Die for me? Sin for me? Cry for me? Baby, if I wrote you a symphony.”  

With equally engaging visuals, switching frames and leading women in response to the bombastic beat, we see Towkio cement his loverboy status. From the bedroom to the bar to the swimming pool, women flock to Towkio like we flock to the music. No wonder he’s Rick Rubin’s first signee in over 20 years.

“Symphony” follows “Swim,” “Hot Shit,” and “Drift,” and teases the release his debut album, WWW., dropping February 16 on American Recordings and Republic Records.