As Tommy Genesis gears up for the release her highly anticipated Genesis album later this spring, the secretive artist shares the Western-themed video to her intoxicating single “Lucky” on Tuesday (March 20) Billboard premiere. Genesis exemplifies her ability as a multi-faceted creative, directing and editing the raw visual's treatment.

Speaking to Billboard, the “Tommy” artist explained the inspiration behind the catchy tune's video. “I made this video because whenever I closed my eyes and listened to 'Lucky,' I'd see a western-type setup,” she explained. “It's very aesthetic in the sense it could be an extended perfume ad.”

The edgy aesthetic begins with Genesis entering a dusty bar you'd see on the set HBO's Westworld. The frame then pivots to the self-proclaimed “fetish rapper” delivering her trademark sultry lyrics, while donning& lingerie on a motorcycle and holding a gold-painted gun, which she explains, “is an ode to artist] Richard Prince's “Girlfriends” series. I used to have them all printed out on my wall. I just love girls on bikes.”

“Lucky” sees the eccentric artist veering more into the pop lane, as the genre-blending visual adds a peek into the Vancouver native's creative genius. “It's just my take on the sound itself put into motion,” she concludes, downplaying her subdued creative process. The Wild West narrative comes to a close with the “Empty” artist possibly shot dead on the ground, before the screen reads “La Fin,” which translates to “the end” in French.

Check out the unique “Lucky” video from Tommy Genesis below.