By Josiah Hughes
Published Apr 27, 2018

Here’s a little tip for future music industry suits attempting to cash in on a viral craze — if your subject’s viral nickname includes a verb, make sure they’re doing said verb in their big, shiny debut. For example, if you’re going to release a new song by the Yodelling Kid, you should probably make sure he fucking yodels.

Unfortunately, that memo was lost on whomever has muscled their way into Mason Ramsey‘s dwindling spotlight. Following his Coachella appearance, the boy who once captured our hearts with a truly lovely yodelling song in the aisle of a Walmart is now singing soulless pop country.

Worse yet are the lyrics of his new single. Ramsey says he’d rather be famous “for loving you” than for any other reason. For one thing, it’s dangerous to define our sense of self-worth our external relationships. But more importantly, Mason, you need to remember that being famous for an impromptu boxstore yodel is cool as all hell.

Watch Ramsey struggle to pretend he can play the guitar in the “Famous” lyric video below.