Marion “Suge” Knight’s defense attorney, Thaddeus Culpepper, returned to the rap mogul’s side after he was arrested on suspicion being an accessory after murder.

On Thursday (Feb. 1), Knight waived his right to have another lawyer, which allowed Culpepper to rejoin the legal team, which also includes lawyer Matthew Fletcher.

Last week, the attorneys were arrested Thursday by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies on warrants alleging they were accessories after the fact to a crime. No further information was provided regarding the arrests.

Culpepper denied any wrongdoing to Page Six and doesn’t expect charges to be filed.

"What they were charging me with is impossible," he said. "I’m charged with defending my client as to this murder and they’re charging me with accessory to murder after the fact based on a false confidential informant sham kind program."

Prosecutors maintain that Culpepper had allegedly contacted a sheriff’s department informant and agreed to pay him to testify that he was present at the time the crime and witnessed events that would help Knight’s case. Prosecutors also accused Fletcher witness tampering last year, which he denied.

Last month, Knight accused prosecutors and the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department eavesdropping into his phone conversations with his attorneys.