San E (Brand New Music) and Mad Clown (Starship Entertainment) have announced dates for their upcoming, joint U.S. tour, “Me Want You.”

The chart-topping rappers will kick f their month-long trek in April and hit 19 major cities, including Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago and New York before wrapping up on May 1 in North Carolina.

“I know many Korean rappers have performed in the U.S., but from what I understand, we are embarking the longest hip-hop tour in the U.S.,” Mad Clown tells Billboard Korea. “All I'm focused on right now is preparing for an awesome show and I'm just grateful that we have this opportunity. San E and I are both looking to drop new singles before going on tour and we think we'll premiere them for the first time at our shows in the U.S. We cannot wait and hope all our U.S. fans are excited as much we are.”

San E adds, “This is my first U.S. tour and something I have been always dreaming to accomplish for a long time. We are probably going to bring our entire catalog songs, so please be prepared to come and enjoy.”

San E and Mad Clown, who are both known highly recognized for their sharp rap skills and commercial success, have dominated the Korean music charts for years now. San E represents hip-hop label Brand New Music that also boasts talents like Rhymer, Verbal Jint and KittiB, while Mad Clown is under Starship Entertainment that houses K-pop acts like Soyou, Monsta X and Cosmic Girls. The new venture came together while the rappers were working on their second collaboration track. The duo's first collaboration “Sour Grapes” topped the domestic charts when it was released in 2015 with its ficial music video currently sitting at six million views.