Chill Vibes is LA-based 21-year-old rapper, A&R and artist manager Rowe Rowe‘s Spotify playlist, consisting of 431 tracks from promising up-and-coming stars. The playlist already gained 2800 followers and is a perfect medium for rising artists to shine. The creator Rowe Rowe came up with the idea of releasing a collective playlist with other fellow artists because he believes that, “You have to work for the collective, not just for your self-interest,” as the young artist claims. He is also very ambitious about the next big name to drop from his playlist for talent scouts, managers, and labels to find. 

Rowe Rowe mentioned that he was surprised to get as many responses as he got through DMs when announcing the call for emerging artists to send songs for his playlist. He stated, “The talent that came across in my DM was amazing and honestly so many talented producers, songwriters, and artists. I am always receiving DMs on Instagram from the upcoming talent and always take a listen; you never know what you will come across. I encourage fellow A&Rs to do the same; you never know who is in your messages and the magic you can create with them.”