Houston-based rapper WAV just dropped his brand new video for his debut single “Again” produced by CashMoneyAp, and Billboard is the first to unveil it Wednesday (Feb. 7).

In the visual, WAV is surrounded by stacks pancakes, furry hats and expensive sports cars while rapping “I know that I wanna be rich/ promise that I’ll never switch” in the video, directed by LOUIEKNOWS.

“The song is about hustling, making money, and second chances,” WAV tells Billboard the track. “I reminisce about the stupid sh— that I used to do when I was younger to make money even though I was just doing what I had to do to make it out. On the flip side though, I envision and visualize my dream wanting to keep on making money the right way from my verses to my hook.”

The rapper drives through New York City, puts coins in a golden piggy bank and preaches about making money. “The video itself, is somewhat a vicarious experience me obtaining those big bucks,” he adds. “I still have a ways to go, but I’m happy and healthy which to me is more important than being rich – even though I will be soon.”

Check out the “Again” video below.