The Maybach Music CEO performed at The Light nightclub in Las Vegas and chanted “Free Meek Mill!”

Maybach Music Kingpin Rick Ross — who was hospitalized for four days following heart-related issues at the beginning March — performed on Sunday night (March 18) at The Light in Las Vegas, the rapper's first public appearance since being hospitalized. In a video uploaded by TMZ, Ross leads a “free Meek Mill!” chant before diving into his next track. Ross' Maybach Music protege was sent back to prison in November and sentenced to two to four years for a probation violation, though the Philadelphia District Attorney’s fice recently submitted a filing to Meek’s attorney citing “strong likelihood” that the rapper's case could be overturned.


Ross was reportedly nonchalant during his performance, rapping a few scattered bars while taking sips from a bottle Luc Belaire champagne, but screaming fans were pleased to see him in good health. The “Boss” was found unresponsive in his Florida home at the beginning March, and according to TMZ was temporarily on life support, though many Ross’s allies claimed the latter to be false. Regardless, it’s a relief to see Rozay back on his grind and in good spirits.