Los Angeles-based rapper lil aaron has reached his breaking point on his newest song “ANYMORE,” featuring pop songstress Kim Petras from his upcoming ROCK$TAR FAMOUS EP.

The collaboration is a pitch-perfect pairing between the emo-rock rapper and subversive pop singer that is actually rooted in a long-standing creative partnership.

“It's funny because Kim and I were both in Hawaii working on our separate projects when I started making 'ANYMORE' with Ryan OG, Dallas K and BHAM, but it wasn’t until about a year later that I finally got her on the song and finished it,” the rapper tells Billboard. “We’ve been working together for a little while now and we always have fun in the studio… she’s such a star. I'm so grateful to be able to call her a friend.”

It’s a departure from their previous releases, which includes the co-penned Petras single “I Don’t Want It At All” and the duo’s first collab track “Faded,” as a song that embraces Aaron’s edgier aesthetic. The two artists bring out a different angle to each other, with Petras stepping away from her signature glossy upbeat pop sound to fill a beat built around a crunching guitar and hand-claps, while Aaron opts for a more direct, impassioned delivery with slick yet accessible bars.

Although there is more music from the pair on the way, lil aaron will first be releasing his EP ROCK$TAR FAMOUS on Thursday HAZHEART Records.

Petras can be seen this summer at the Billboard Hot 100 Music Fest at Jones Beach in New York on August 18 & 19. Tickets are available now here.

Check out “ANYMORE” by lil aaron and Kim Petras below.