Race to $1 Billion: Diddy is No Longer Hip Hop’s Wealthiest!

For the past seven years, Diddy has sat comfortably at the top as Hip Hop’s wealthiest artist. But in 2018, there’s new game in town who’s taking the crown. And he goes by the name Jay Z! Forbes recently released a list Hip Hop’s wealthiest and surprise surprise, Jay Z has taken the thrown, with his net worth estimated at $900 MILLION! With deals coming left and right from brands like D’Usse, Tidal, Roc Nation, and more, Jay Z is raking in the dough from a plethora avenues. Diddy, however, isn’t too far behind, with his net worth totaling $825 million. Dr. Dre follows with his $770 million price tag. Rounding out the Top 5 are Eminem and Drake.

Check out the full list here.