It's been over a year since Post Malone first announced his second studio album, but its release day has finally arrived, much to fans' excitement. Beerbongs & Bentleys was released Friday (Apr. 27), and so far, the highly-anticipated follow-up to his 2016 debut Stoney seems to have been worth the wait.

Naturally, fans have shown their appreciation for the album on Twitter. While Beerbongs & Bentleys is a near-unanimous smash in the Twitterverse, some users have warned their peers about the poignant lyrics — a number  which can be heard in the acoustic guitar-driven “Stay,” which the rapper premiered earlier this month in Nashville on his Bud Light Dive Bar tour.

Whether he's performing a gentle serenade or feeling just like a “rockstar,” we're happy to see Post's return, and so is Twitter. Read some the best reactions below. 

If @PostMalone thinks ima spend my day listening to all 18 songs on repeat.. he absolutely right lmaoo

— ———- —— —- ———— (@cristalexito) April 27, 2018

If you are not streaming Beerbongs & Bentleys right now what the frick are you doing with your life?

Love u @PostMalone

— Ethan Klein (@h3h3productions) April 27, 2018

Me listening to beerbongs & bentleys @PostMalone

— DYLAN EVANS (@MrDylanEvans) April 27, 2018William Singe (@WillSinge) April 27, 2018

Post Malone’s new album beerbongs & bentleys is out

— jake (@BreakingJakee) April 27, 2018

@PostMalone this new album is something else man. im torn apart and rebuilt all in one session

— J.Cyrus (@JCyrus) April 27, 2018

I wish Post Malone would fill out the adoption forms I keep sending him so he could be my dad.

— BisonOnRoids (@BisonOnRoids) April 27, 2018

who broke @PostMalone heart?! i just wanna talk boo —

— january•leigh (@January_Leigh_) April 27, 2018

Me listening to beerbongs & bentleys

— Kyle (@Kyle0554) April 27, 2018

Them: will you ever be able to stop listening to #BeerbongsAndBentleys ? @PostMalone


— Kalli Metcalfe (@Kalli_Metcalfe) April 27, 2018

me listening to the album trying not to cry @PostMalone

— postybae (@postybae) April 27, 2018

This will be me today listening to @PostMalone at work #BeerbongsAndBentleys

— angela (@angvillarreal21) April 27, 2018