No matter what you may think Post Malone, it’s undeniable that the rapper has bangers for days. His evening set at the Honda Stage on the first day Governors Ball had one  the most packed crowds the entire day, with young fans rushing from all directions the festival grounds to see their favorite artist in the flesh. And Post Malone delivered, giving them a dose his signature, energetic as hell performances.

The rapper — donning an Adidas jersey, pitch-black sunglasses and white Crocs — confidently emerged onto the stage with a red Solo cup in hand. He then kicked things f with Stoney highlight “Too Young,” as his gravely voice flooded through the speakers. Post either just finished smoking a pack cigarettes backstage or had a very late night partying, but that distinct modulation somehow added to the rockstar appeal he’s trying to achieve. And in many cases, it gave life to the glossy studio sound found on his albums.

The filters on the screens next to the rapper switched between weed-green, blood red, codeine purple and smoke gray depending on the mood each song — all which resonated with his fans. “Who’s fucked up? Who’s on drugs,” Post said with a laugh, seconds before jumping into beerbongs & bentleys cut “Better Now,” which had the entire crowd dancing. His humor played a big part in his set, where at one point he exclaimed “I’m too thick to be doing this shit, goddamn” after dancing on stage. The rapper's charisma later shined when he explained: “By the way, I’m not wearing sunglasses because I think I’m cool. I’m wearing them because it’s sunny as a mother…what a beautiful day in the city dreams!” The statement ended with a flash  his diamond-glittered smile.

Post kept the energy flowing in a way that was reminiscent to long college dorm ragers, where he fueled the audience with back-to-back thirst-quenchers like “Takin' Shots,” “No Option,” “Psycho,” “Candy Paint,” “Paranoid” and “Up There.” But sometimes that same gravely voice hindered the tenderness songs like “Deja Vu.” The rapper had to let collaborator Justin Bieber’s tracked vocals carry the song’s emotion.

His set was met with a brief hiccup towards the middle, when he noticed that something was wrong in the audience. “Hold on, someone needs help down there,” the concerned rapper said, immediately gaining the attention the festival’s medical team. Fortunately, the young female fan was rescued and taken away to receive proper care. Following the incident, Post regained his momentum and punched through all the hits that made him a Top 100 chart favorite: “Rockstar” (which was heightened by the addition a jagged electric guitar riff and Post smashing an actual guitar), “White Iverson” and “Congratulations.”

Post Malone may only be 22 years old, but he displayed a fervor and eagerness to win that a lot young rappers nowadays don’t possess. He even sung and rapped live for a vast majority his set, which is a rarity for many rappers who insist on relying on a backing track. It’s makes you wonder why he wasn’t chosen to be one the headliners for the festival, because the rapper proved he deserved that kind a challenge.