If you’re looking for pop-rock thrills this quarantined autumn, you won’t find any better than the ones on “Wanna Play That Game?” by Germany-based band Poppymoon.

“Wanna Play That Game?” is all sugar-coated vocals by Sabina, catchy hooks, and dark pop music with elements of rock that brings the band closer to the perfect shape of what a DIY band must look like. Sabina’s incredible vocals combined with the catchy tune intensify the emotion as well as provide life, texture, and essence throughout the song. With the right mix of enthusiasm and pop-rock songcraft, Poppymoon created a sweet, infectious and on-trend single that could have easily built hype for their possible debut album.

Poppymoon are showing full-growth without giving up any of the qualities that made their sound so unique, to begin with. 

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