With Nipsey Hu$$le inching towards the finish line for his elusive album Victory Lap, on Tuesday (Feb. 13), the West Coast MC unveiled his blistering collaboration with Kendrick Lamar titled, “Dedication.”

From the onset, Hu$$le causes tremors with his audaciousness and brash delivery. The self-proclaimed “Tupac my generation” gets candid about his constant fight in the trenches and how he always remains armed with patience and dedication during his climb to success: “Know he a genius but he can't claim it / 'cause they left him no platforms to explain it/ He's frustrated so he gets faded/ but deep down inside he knows you can't fade him,” raps Nipsey. 

His California cohort, Kendrick Lamar, pounces on the track and pummels the soulful tune with his hemorrhaging delivery. “I spend my whole life trying to make it/ trying to chase it, the cycle a black man divided, tryna' break it/ You take a loss, shit don't cry about it, just embrace it/ minor setback for major comeback, that's my favorite,” spews K. Dot. 

“Dedication” is the third track released from Victory Lap, which is slated to be released this Friday (Feb. 16). The previous two records were “”Rap N—-” and “The Last Time That I Checc’d” featuring YG.

Listen to “Dedication” below.