Accomplished songwriter and amazing singer Diquan Julius just released his second single “La La Land.” With roots in the gospel industry he has been recognized as a BillBoard charting artist while in UTK group.  With his love of and appreciation for all types of music, Diquan transitions seamlessly between gospel and R&B and, is hoping his music will transcend and resonate with the masses globally.

‘La La Land’ is a mellow catchy vibe that is sure to have you in your feelings.  Diquan’s debut single entitled “Let Me Love You”  is a mix of  his soulful R&B vocals and Afro-beats, while  ‘La La Land’ is more of a mellow catchy vibe that is reminiscent of classic style R&B sound is sure to have you in your feelings.

Diquan’s ‘La La Land’ sweet and romantic lyrics “One plus one yea makes two /A heart for heart that’s me for you/ And I love it Baby/ I’m so happy Baby /A 9 to 5 but we make time / To do the things that ease our minds / It’s so worth it Baby” leave you with warm and fuzzy feelings and yea, in LaLa Land.

Check out ‘La La Land’ official audio HERE. Available on music streaming platforms