Mont Brown & Kwizzy Talk Reco Havoc Signing to Atlantic Records, Helping Philly Artists & More

In 2017, Philly saw the emergence alot talented artists from all parts the city. Every artist is striving to make their mark either as an independent act, or to sign to a major label. One artist that was able to build his buzz and catch the attention numerous labels was Reco Havoc. Reco Havoc was involved in a bidding war and eventually decided to sign with Atlantic Records.
One the main reasons why any artist is successful is because the team that surrounds the artist. Reco Havoc doesn’t have a huge group people around him that are helping him navigate through the industry, but he does have 2 extremely smart and focused people handling all his moves for him. Those 2 individuals are Mont Brown and Kwizzy.
Mont Brown and Kwizzy are 2 well respected people from Philly that have truly been through most the high and lows surviving in Philly. With all the experience that these 2 have acquired from dealing with the streets Philly and the music scene in Philly, Mont Brown and Kwizzy were able to help take Reco Havoc’s career to the next level. HipHopSince1987’s own Rick Dange recently sat down with Mont Brown and Kwizzy for an exclusive interview. The group touched on a bunch topics from how they each met Reco Havoc, how they picked Atlantic Records to sign with, working with Dallas Martin, and their new record label “Boy Records”. Kwizzy and Mont Brown also talk about how they plan on helping Philly artists aswell as the city and their communities that they grew up in. The 2 also talk about Reco Havoc’s debut project, things artist can do to make it, and much more! Checkout the full interview below with Mont Brown and Kwizzy NOW!!