This likely won't come as a surprise to those who pressed play on Migos' newly-released album, Culture II, but according to DJ Durel, who executive produced the project alongside Migos member Quavo, the group didn't spend very long crafting each one its 24 tracks. 

“We'll do one song in 20 minutes,” Durel told Pigeons & Planes. “If they really want to take their time on it, they'll take 40 or 45 minutes. No more.”

While some artists prefer to spend years crafting individual records for an album, DJ Durel believes that Quavo, Offset and Takef work best operating at a much faster pace.

“When they're in the zone, there's no way you can stop them from laying down a good song,” he added. “It's going to come out perfect. It's not going to come out rushed or anything.”

One listen to Culture II will tell you that the project is far from perfect—it's more  a bloated test patience and dedication that avoids the successes its predecessor—but these days you don't need to be close to perfect in order to be a success.