After dropping f the martial arts-inspired visual for their latest Culture II single “Stir Fry,” Migos are (literally) cooking up yet another Tasty treat for fans. This time, the trio head straight to the kitchen to whip up their best plate — you guessed it — stir-fry with Buzzfeed’ s Tasty food network in an alternative video for their flavorful single.

Quavo, Offset, and Takef put their whipping skills to the test in the visual as each rapper takes on a different task in the kitchen. Quavo kicks things f by throwing on an apron and fixing his blinding jewelry pieces before chopping up a few vegetables. He then delivers his best impression internet sensation Salt Bae.

Next up, Offset takes over and tosses all the vegetables in the frying pot. Between frying bacon, chicken, and an egg, Offset flaunts his icy jewelry and leaves it to Takef to add the finishing touches to the meal. The trio ends the video by boxing their stir-fry in custom Culture II Chinese take-out boxes, so could the Migos have a stir-fry pop-up restaurant in the works?

“Music is a huge part the cooking and kitchen experience, so while Migos and Tasty may sound like an unexpected collaboration, it really is the perfect fit,” Ashley McCollum, general manager Tasty told Billboard. “The guys were incredible to work with and we feel the final product is a successful fusion our two brands. There’s a huge opportunity for Tasty within the music industry, this is just the beginning. And hopefully, we made everyone hungry for a little stir fry.”

Nick Simmons, director digital marketing for Capitol Records for Capitol Music Group echoed the same sentiments and said he knew Tasty was the perfect partner for this project. “As soon as we knew the title the next single was ‘Stir Fry,’ there was no way we weren’t going to partner with Tasty on this project,” said Simmons. “Bringing together one the most influential food brands in the world with, currently, the most culturally influential group in music made too much sense.”

Food aside, last December, “Stir-Fry” was announced as the ficial song for the 2018 All-Star Weekend, kicking f on Feb. 16. The group also recently tied The Beatles for most Hot 100 singles among groups after notching 14 singles on the chart.

Watch Migos whip up “Stir-Fry” with Tasty below.