With a fresh blend of country, rock and blues, Matt Tanner just released the crafty visuals for his hit single “Josephine.” The country-rock singer paired the award-winning song with artsy visuals that highlighted the major events throughout the video.

With a fresh hint of “Whiskey Lullaby,” this song will capture your heart and give you all the right feels. While the story is sad, the track itself has a different characteristic. If you’re ever planning a road trip, “Josephine” will surely keep you company along your journey.

This song represents the complex story of two lovers, who are trying to escape reality, while chasing away their demons. A tragedy written so beautifully! However, Matt Tanner’s soulful yet powerful vocals were the highlight, in both the video and the track.

You can check out the masterpiece down below, and follow Matt Tanner on Instagram.