Pat Corcoran and Tim Smith, managers for Chance the Rapper and Skrillex, respectively, have launched a wine label. 

The pair teamed up with Ryan Arnold, noted sommelier and wine director for the Lettuce Entertain You restaurant group, to create No Fine Print Wine. Corcoran, Smith and Arnold aimed to break down barriers the wine world, creating a drink for people who enjoy the experience wine without having the experience a seasoned wine-drinker or sommelier.

“Wine is an experience which is ten taken too seriously. We strove to create a wine that boasts all the sommelier-admired qualities, while not deterring the everyday consumer from it,” said Arnold. 

While Arnold used his connections in the wine world to secure a supplier for the wines, Corcoran and Smith wanted to tap into their experiences in the music industry to create a unique and fun brand. 

“We’ve built our reputation in the music industry by focusing on our unique approach to managing artists that we’re passionate about,” says Smith.

Corcoran added that the team “wanted to find a way to merge the creative branding we’ve used in the music realm with wine,” Pat Corcoran adds.

Alongside No Fine Print, the group launched a subsidiary called Fine Print, a higher end label, which will be released in extremely limited quantities. Some proceeds from the labels' sales will go toward socially and environmentally focused charities. 

No Fine Print is bottling a 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon from California for $19.99, and Fine Print is fering a 2014 Syrah-Pinot Noir blend from the Northern California Coast, barrel-aged for 24 months for $34.99. 

“We kept the aesthetic clean and price point reasonable. Fine Print fers a nod to those with a touch more appreciation for the nuances wine,” Arnold said.