Twenty-seven is an ominous number in Hollywood folklore, with many stars having tragically died at that age. The infamous “Forever 27 Club” includes Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain, among many other musicians and actors gone too soon. In a new video for “27,” Machine Gun Kelly meditates on his own mortality — and not just that  life itself, but the lifespan being an artist in the music industry. 

The visual for “27” was released a day before the artist’s 28th birthday (April 22) and features a collection tour photos and live music footage, including a performance the track. “27” begins with a voice-over Machine Gun Kelly as he ponders life from the window seat  a private jet. “What would it be like when all the dreams were gone? Like, if it’s all over tomorrow?” he says.

MGK — born Colson Baker — also takes viewers through some his recent career highlights, such as appearing on billboards, packing out music venues, and even being immortalized in ink with a fan tattoo. The title screen from the video shows the number 27, and MGK took to Twitter to reveal that the typeface was Cobain’s handwriting.

a little secret: the “27” at the beginning the video is in Kurt’s handwriting. —-

— young gunner (@machinegunkelly) April 21, 2018

The hazy, analog-style video also features a cameo from MGK’s daughter and a moment him rocking the stage with Chester Bennington Linkin Park — who tragically died at age 41 last summer. MGK was set to open for Linkin Park on tour before Bennington’s death.

“27” is a total celebration  Machine Gun Kelly’s career thus far, with fans taking the time to say just what he means to them and belting every word at his shows.

Watch the video for “27,” a single from MGK's 2017 release bloom, below.