The hip-hop community just lost another great one. Legendary pioneer Lovebug Starski reportedly passed away in Las Vegas on Feb. 8, according to numerous sources. He was 57 at the time his death.

Starski came up on the hip-hop scene in the 70s, as an MC in The Bronx. He later became a DJ at Disco Fever Club and released popular singles such as “Gangster Rock” and “Dancin’ Party People.”

Although he didn’t always get the proper recognition for his contributions to the genre, his name was ten thrown around in the conversation with others pioneers such as Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, and Chuck D.

“Lovebug Starski was A DJ, MC and innovator,” Chuck told HipHopDX. “A pioneer who excelled before and after the recording line ’79, the year when rap records began. He was the first double trouble threat in Hip Hop and rap music. He DJ’ed for the great MCs and MC’ed with the great DJs. Besides Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, Lovebug Starski was one the few that took his legendary street records status into the recording world.”

A number hip-hop artists confirmed the news Starski’s death and expressed their deepest condolences on social media.