50 Cent called in to Young Money Radio to chat with Lil Wayne about the first time he met Pop Smoke, the late rapper who was shot and killed at the age of 20 at a Los Angeles residence in February.

“First of all, he was late to the meeting,” 50 said on the latest episode of the Apple Music show. “When he was late Renee, dude who works for me, goes, ‘Yo, why are you late, bro?’ He said, ’50 don’t work for you. You wait for 50. You new.’ And he was like, ‘Oh, my bad.’ Like he said, he said, ‘I just got caught in the trap.’ No, you ain’t no trapping. You have bags and s— in the car you was shopping. He said, ‘Yeah, I was. I was shopping. I was shopping.'”

He continued: “He comes upstairs. I talked to him. I’m like, Wayne look, this… someone new in the league is copying your style? And even at that point, it’s a form of flattery. He’s copying you because your material was such an influence on him and that’s the way he learned to do it. He learned it from listening to you. It’s another thing when this n—- talking to you and you looking at him, you going, “Nah this n—- not copying 50 Cent. This n—- is 50 Cent!”

The full episode, which also features conversations with Naomi Campbell and Whoopi Goldberg, can be streamed on-demand on Apple Music.

Hear the clip from Young Money Radio with Lil Wayne below.