Los Angeles-based artist Lil Benny knows good “Company” is hard to come by these days, so he’s keeping all unwanted visitors at a safe distance in the video for his latest single, available exclusively on Billboard today (April 14).

The Soundcloud upstart hailing from Lawrence, New York puts out an open call for companionship with a ferocious flow and layered, moody vocals that cast his pleas far and wide.

The visual, directed by WaterwippinEvan, makes it clear that he isn’t looking for just anyone to fill his empty halls, though.

In the disorienting, neon-tinged tour of his surreal life, Benny eliminates clout-chasing guests and aimless partygoers as he develops a refuge of his own design. The fiery visual matches the lyrics where the rapper questions the intentions of people around him and their interference with his success.

With a budding career underway for the 5Towns Records artist, Benny takes the crucial step of inspecting the company he keeps to develop strength in the numbers.

Check out the visual for “Company” below.