Lil B is certainly in the giving mood. After teaming up with Marvel for his new electronic single “Enter the Depths” earlier this week, Lil B dipped back into his archive and uploaded more than 30 his old mixtapes to Spotify, Apple Music and TIDAL for your listening pleasure. 

Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal subscribers now have access to Lil B's extensive repertoire, including God’s Father, I'm Gay, Blue Flame, Red Flame, Pink Flame, Thugged Out Pissed Off, the 101-track project 05 Fuck Em, and B's most recent project, Black Ken, which was released in August.

“The BasedGod released an electronic music single!! Marvel comics did the ficial cover art,” he wrote on Instagram. “This is history and extremely rare!! Please collect this extremely rare Lil b cover art for the [email protected] art collectors!!”

The six-minute electronic instrumental features eerie synths and groovy drum kicks in the beginning and then begins to move at a frenetic pace until the end the song. 

Stream Lil B's projects on Spotify, Apple Music, and TIDAL. Listen to “Enter the Depths” below