By Calum Slingerland
Published May 01, 2018

Somewhere in between hiring potato peelers for the stage, endlessly slagging his brother and chasing squirrels last year, Liam Gallagher found time to release his debut solo album, As You Were. Never one to rest on his laurels, the rocker has now announced he’s begun work on a follow-up.

Taking to Twitter today, Gallagher revealed the first writing sessions started alongside Greg Kurstin and Andrew Wyatt, who he’s lovingly dubbed “THE ARMY.” As for the tunes, Gallagher touted the new material as “sounding BIBLICAL.”

Both Kurstin and Wyatt served as writers and producers on As You Were, which arrived last October. Speaking with NME in February, Gallagher promised the follow-up effort would be “a bit more uptempo. A bit more in-yer-face. Less apologetic.”

“I’d love to do a proper out-and-out punk rock album — a bit Pistols, a bit Stooges,” he explained. “I can do that gear; I can definitely sing ’em. Some of the sing-y songs are a bit of a struggle when I do ’em live. But the lippy ones I can do all day long. The ones where you spit ’em out. You’re not necessarily singing, you’re just fucking screaming and shouting. I’m all for that.”

1st session of writing with the mighty Greg Kurstin and Andrew wyatt aka THE ARMY sounding BIBLICAL as you were LG x

— Liam Gallagher (@liamgallagher) May 1, 2018