Once at the top, always on top, it seems like LaRed & Global Status Inc Rap Phenomenon Lay B is not going to make us miss him in the upcoming future. After the phenomenal releases of “Rags 2 Riches,” the rap monster shoots back with yet another power-driven urban masterpiece “Grime” and what sounds even better, with a debut EP titled Iconic Measure. The artist pushes the accelerator and clearly does not want to lighten the force. He fires up and lights-up the rap game like no other for a very long time. 

Lay B is the master of his craft; he is a professional, even with his debut. That is how you know there is not only hard work but also the utmost raw talent involved. Iconic Measure is clear evidence that the rapper did not count only on the talent that we also saw in “Rags 2 Riches,” he worked on his skills and mastered the art. The growth is obvious. No doubt, the artist will rise even further till the very top of the dome of the industry.