Kanye West's return to social media has been the talk the town for weeks, as the rapper has used his Twitter to open up about everything from fashion to upcoming music releases and Donald Trump, all culminating in the release his most recent singles “Lift Yourself” and “Ye vs. the People” featuring T.I.

In a new video posted to his ficial website, Ye fers viewers a glimpse into the making “Ye vs. the People” and the conversation that sparked the song.

The grainy, vintage-like video begins with Kanye and T.I deep in a discussion about Ye's latest antics. T.I explains to Kanye that as artists, there's a certain “obligation to stand up against all that kind shit,” presumably referencing Ye's love for Trump. Ye hits back, defending his choice to wear the “Make America Great Again” hat by saying, “Me putting the hat on forces an evolution because even for me, I learned so much more in the past three days because I'm getting so much energy — positive or negative, agreeing or disagreeing with me.”

Ye also makes it clear that he doesn't fully support all Trump's policies. “Half the shit Trump does I don't agree with,” he says. Seemingly triggered by Ye's statement, T.I then interjects: “What half do you agree with? Let's get that out.”

“Just the ability to do what no one said you can do, to do the impossible is the most inspiring thing to me,” Ye adds. From there, Ye plays T.I “Ye vs. the People” and tells him that he wants to translate their recent conversation into the song. 

On the song, Tip acts as “the People” and calls out Ye for being “stubborn,” “selfish,” and “bullheaded” and says his decision to align with Trump, Candace Owens, and other controversial figures are bigger than his “selfish agenda.”

Watch the behind-the-scenes footage below.