The year 2018 has been great so far and now we are three episodes in to My new segment entitled “Just Kickin’ It”. In this segment, I’ll be talking with some today’s biggest athletes and entertainers to get some insight on their favorite sneakers, music, and more.


For episode 3 “Just Kickin’ It”, I caught up with Cleveland Cavaliers MVP LeBron James. LeBron is known as one the greatest players to ever play the game basketball but I appreciate his work f the court more than anything. LeBron consistently shows look to the hip-hop and urban cultures and in the sneaker culture, LeBron James has become a legend in his ow right.


On Friday February 9th, LeBron and the Cavs came to Philips Arena for a matchup against the Atlanta Hawks. During the game, LeBron wore his new Nike LeBron 15 Diamond Turf’s a mashup the Lebron 15 and sports great Deion Sanders’ former signature nike sneaker.


After the game I spoke with LeBron James on why he wore those sneakers in Atlanta, a place wear Deion Sanders earned his “Primetime” nickname. LeBron spoke on his love and respect for Deion Sanders and how there was a method to the madness wearing the shoes in Atlanta.


“If you look good, you play good” LeBron quoted when speaking on Deion, something Deion Sanders said back in his playing days. LeBron also spoke post game about playing with his new teammates (Rodney Hood, Larry Nance Jr, Jordan Clarkson and George Hill) and if he has had a chance to play with the new Cleveland Cavaliers roster on NBA2K18.


Episode 3 “Just Kickin It” was conducted and produced by Terrell Thomas. Episode 3 ”Just Kickin’ It” was shot and edited by Danny Digital. to My youtube channel Terrell Thomas.


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