Despite the gloomy New York City forecast, R&B enthusiasts trekked to SOB's on Memorial Day weekend to watch Jussie Smollett take centerstage for his Sum My Music Tour.

By 6 p.m. Sunday night (May 27), a plethora fans zealously stood outside until they were granted entry inside the famed venue. Once they walked inside the cavernous space, SOB's morphed into a colorful R&B wonderland as '90s classics dominated the speakers.

Before Smollet operated onstage, a sea “Jussie” chants blanketed the venue. In hopes minimizing fans' hunger pangs, June's Diary cradled the crowd with their dreamy set. The Kelly Rowland-formed group swooned their way into the hearts everyone through a multitude covers, including a titillating rendition Bruno Mars' “That's What I Like.” With the crowd oozing in bliss, June's Diary continued their onslaught with a bluesy cover Daniel Caesar's “Best Part.”

Once June's Diary concluded their performance, Roc Nation signee Victory Boyd was next up. As she graced the stage with her band, her boisterious afro, heavy guitar and affable personality pulled attendees closer to the stage. “I always enjoyed performing in New York City,” said Boyd before diving into Stevie Wonder's 1983 “Overjoyed.” While Boyd's slivery precision on her new single “Open Your Eyes” earned praise, it was her song “Weatherman” — a song that made JAY-Z a fan — that had the crowd awestruck.

Thank you #NYC. SOLD OUT. Y’all energy was f the rails. So beyond grateful. #ATL y’all are next. Tomorrow (5/29) at MASQUERADE. Pull up and show us what you got. So much love. #SumOfMyMusicTour

— Jussie Smollett (@JussieSmollett) May 28, 2018

After receiving heavy doses both jazzy and fun-spirited R&B records by Smollett's opening acts, the multifacted star arrived onstage at 9:45. With an hour at his disposal, Smollett took full advantage by singing a bevy classics from Empire and solo cuts from his latest project, Sum My Music while flaunting his dance prowess.

Clad in a white t-shirt, the singer vaulted onstage with a troupe dancers in tow. After storming his way through “What Would I Do,” Smollett quickly veered into his dance-centric track “Ready to Go.” The sheer unpredictability Smollett's set kept the crowd on the tip their toes. At anytime, the singer went from a gentle croon to a feverish dance routine, keeping the crowd enthralled.

“New York motherf—ing city. I'm gonna take this time to catch my break,” said Smollett before taking a swig water to refuel. After catching his breath, he spoke to fans about the one time he performed in Los Angeles and how his friend and Empire co-star Gabourey Sidibe suggested that he take notes from Beyonce. “Beyonce did Coachella without one sip water,” he said mimicking Sidbie's review his performance. “All praise Queen f—ing B.”

It was a pleasure seeing @JussieSmollett last night. He went full out❗️❗️❗️

— Clyve Jerome Monroe (@clyveSPEAKS) May 28, 2018

Despite his water break, Smollett was masterful throughout his set. As he weaved in and out his album Sum My Music, with performances “Staycation,” his Swizz Beatz-produced track “Catch Your Eye” and “Don't Go” — which found the singer admitting to having a jealousy issue in his relationship last year — Smollett enjoyed his time serving as a storyteller while onstage. “That was the December 2017 me,” he revealed before performing “Don't Go.” “I'm here to tell you: God brought me through, and the devil is a liar.”

After zipping through his album cuts, Smollett treated Empire loyalists with a slew bangers including “Chasing the Sky,” “Good Enough” and ;”You're So Beautiful.” The dance-happy record found fans brimming with joy, as Smollett's magnetic swagger proved to be a staple the entire show. Get a glimpse Smollett's show last night below.

#LIVE @JussieSmollett était en concert à @SOBs hier soir ! Je confirme : il est bogosse — C'était fun mais je reste quand même un peu sur ma faim à cause de tous les titres en playback, je ne m'y attendais pas — Les photos arrivent ! #SumOfMyMusicTour

— Kéké (@kekeLMB) May 28, 2018