Growing up in Florida, June3rd first got his introduction to music from his father, who showed him the likes the pugnacious DMX and the melodic Boyz II Men. His ranging influences helped spawn his own blend hip-hop and R&B. The 22-year-old showcases his harmonizing croon on the Billboard-premiered “There U Go” (Feb. 7). 

The Los Angeles transplant's moniker, June3rd, actually has nothing to do with the specific date, as the young artist looks to pay homage to his late grandfather, in an effort to continue his legacy. June explains to Billboard: “I got it from my grandfather. His nickname was June. Rest in peace, he passed away. I was just trying to keep the name alive and have a name that meant something to me. I kind put a twist on it to be June the third generation. Me being the third generation, I wanted to respectfully use his name.”

The Kissimmee, FLA native linked up with producers Nicky Quinn and Kojo A last year, and in their first studio session together, the trio crafted “There U Go.” June detailed the creative process behind the melodic tune saying, “The process for the track was pretty easy. Honestly, this was the first session I had with Nicky Quinn] and Kojo A]. It was just about getting to know each other as people first. That was the first thing we started creating and did it from scratch.”

He added: “The meaning behind the song] is just a conversation behind me and a female about how she kind wants more from me than I could really give her. She wants the commitment and every time we have the conversation it's me saying, 'Oh, there you go again.'”

The Chris Brown-influenced artist looks to carve out a niche within the shifting music landscape, following in the footsteps superstars like The Weeknd and PARTYNEXTDOOR. June is gearing up for what should be a busy 2018 campaign, and this track only scratches the surface his artistry. 

Give the cathartic “There U Go” a listen below. Purchase the track on iTunes.