As Stephen Colbert’s charismatic bandleader, Jon Batiste is no stranger to commanding our attention.

The soulful crooner just released a spritely new single on Friday titled “I Need You,” a bouncy and jubilant ode to the power of love in a time of crisis. The single is an infectious amalgamation of pop, swing music, and hip-hop, and Batiste’s music video is as fun as the track itself.

The video finds Batiste attempting to woo a young woman at an art gallery when suddenly a painting depicting a 1930s party comes to life. What ensues is a lively and colorful dance party at the gallery, with the onlooking woman pleasantly surprised by Batiste’s moves. “This song is a vibe cleanse. After 2020, this is like a warm hug,” Batiste said of the single. “Let’s bring the vibes back!” Check out the video below, and be sure to not miss out on Batiste in SOUL.

Jon Batiste – I NEED YOU

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