After releasing the lead single, "Stare At Me" from her upcoming project,  SIR Rebekkah Holylove, Joi returns with the visuals for the song.

The video is just what you'd expect from a song called "Stare At Me," focusing exclusively on Joi in a variety mostly dimly lit backdrops.  Of course, if you've ever had the pleasure seeing her live, you already know it's hard to look away whenever Joi flexes her creativity. Undoubtedly, she's among the best live performers our time, with a deep catalog jams to match.

As for the album, it's been a minute since we've had an entire project from the singer, though she's kept busy doing live shows, touring with OutKast, and making appearances on various projects, including with Big K.R.I.T. and Organized Noize.

“I get excited to pull the machete out and clear my own path,” Joi recently said the music she recorded in her studio dubbed "the funky music box." “After all these years, music is still a lifeline to sanity, memory, and inspiration for me. It’s the most powerful medium, for better or worse. I hope you feel what I’m doing.”

Take a look at Joi's latest visuals above. You can pre-order Joi's upcoming album, SIR Rebekkah Holylove here.