The rumors are true: Joe Jonas is getting divorced from Sophie Turner. TMZ reports the singer has filed for separation from Turner and is asking for joint custody of their two daughters. According to TMZ’s sources, the couple had a prenuptial agreement, but the terms have not been revealed.

Per TMZ, the couple is likely divorcing over a difference in their respective lifestyles; Turner, apparently, “likes to party,” while Jonas “likes to stay at home.” According to the outlet’s sources, “They have very different lifestyles.” There’s a seven-year gap between the couple; Joe is 34, while Sophie is 27. They started dating in 2016, getting engaged the following year, and marrying in Las Vegas in 2019. Turner had posted a teasing Instagram about Joe’s past relationship with Taylor Swift on his 34th birthday as recently as three weeks ago.

TMZ previously reported that Joe had been shouldering the majority of parenting responsibilities for the past three months, even with he and his brothers touring behind their new album… The Album. The tour for the album is called, of course, The Tour.

Jonas is expected to ask for more than 50% custody of the children. Their daughters are three years old and one year old, respectively.

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