Talented young artist JaMicheal drops his second release “Beautiful Day”. The song is meant to awaken people and show them how endlessly beautiful every moment is. JaMicheal does a great job of transmitting his ideology through music and making small steps toward change. 

JaMicheal follows up on his debut release “Sincere Thoughts”, another soft and smooth track that shows the artist’s infectious energy. JaMicheal sings and raps as the music flows and his audience is enchanted.

Starting at a very young age, JaMicheal was immersed in the world of entertainment, taking dance classes, winning competitions, and performing at various events. He soon realized his passion for singing and rapping and after graduating from high school JaMicheal took the path of music. He has already released two singles and has an album on the way. 

About his art, JaMicheal said: “I want my music to capture not only the minds but the hearts of people young and old all around the world… I just want to be the key to unlocking change in this life we live in. I want to open the doors to a higher vibration. I want to spread love.”

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