India Love shocked rap fans today (Feb. 2) when she dropped her new single, “Loco.” No one knew she was pursuing a rap career, so the song came out left field.

It seems you can thank the Black Eyed Peas leader for pushing India to grab the mic. The fun and futuristic video features the 22-year-old in various scenes wearing cute and fashionable outfits while spitting her saccharine bars. Overall, not a bad first impression.

However, black Twitter believed differently.

Some people were not impressed with India Love’s rapping skills and urged her to stick to modeling. Others found the song and video downright laughable.

"India Love rapping now? Cardi B really opened up a whole new portal corny pretty bitches with confidence that think they can rap because they're nice to look at," tweeted one person.

Another fan wrote, "I know very little India Love besides her looks, but my gawd that might be the worst song I've ever heard. Stop writing these bars for these women cause they look good. Have some dignity you bitch ass niggas."

Apparently, India Love is serious about being a music artist. On her Instagram page, she wrote:

You can watch her "Loco" video below.

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